Art inspired brand Dazzle from China 結合藝術的中國時尚品牌-DAZZLE


我好像自從設立部落格以來還未介紹過中國的品牌, 這幾天在翻閱戀物誌(little thing) 看到訪問Iekeliene Stange超模的文章, 被她裡面的穿搭所吸引. 仔細看發現是一個品牌叫d’zzit所提供的衣服.

I think I haven’t really introduce any China fashion brand since I established my blog. I was attract by Iekeliene Stange outfit while I was reading an article in Little thing magazine. When I read carefully I found the clothing was sponsored by a brand call D’zzit.

深入去研究這個品牌才發現d’zzit原來是Dazzle(地素時尚股份有限公司)旗下其中品牌之一,  最初是由英國人於1898年創立此品牌,不過此品牌在1991年移居中國上海, 分別創立三個品牌- Dazzle, Diamond dazzle, D’zzit. 每個品牌都有各自獨特的風格與個性, 創造個別的生活方式.

Not until I started to look up I found D’zzit is second line of Dazzle, the brand was found by English at 1898, and move entirely to Shanghai at 1991. There are three brand under Dazzle – Dazzie, Diamond dazzle and D’zzit respectively. Every brand has their own unique style and personality, it speaks up individual lifestyle.

Dazzle本身有著義大利高級定製服的精神, 設計注重剪裁讓衣服穿在身上能更展現身體線條之美. 展現出的風格也不會讓人覺得遙不可及, 而是能表現自我風格的時尚休閒服裝,倡導時尚休閒文化. 跳脫市面上流行的框架, 而是藝術與時尚的一種結合, 2015年3月27日Dazzle在北京東方新天地開了一間旗艦店,開幕時請到了中國當代藝術家岳敏君先生以時尚與藝術幻境之旅為主題, 時間背景設為1000年後,讓大家當作現在是處於3009年未來人的角度審視千年前的文化與時尚.

With the haute couture in mind, Dazzle focus on the garments cutting that display the beauty of body shape. Most importantly, rather then making the outfit style classified into high-end level; they advocate casual culture. In addition, Dazzle stay out of the common fashion trend, their aim is to create distinctive style with artistic details. On March 27th, Dazzle opened a flagship shop at Beijing oriental plaza, collaborated with a famous Chinese contemporary artist – Min-Jun, Yue. They invited audience to the year of 3009, pretend to be people at that time and review the culture and fashion style in interesting point of view.


Diamond dazzle以手工定製細節引以為傲, 摩登的設計在融合年輕奢華的元素, 營造出21世紀個性化的新女性形象, 如同鑽石散發出的獨特光芒般閃亮. 追求完美的工藝極致, 才得以塑造出充滿質感的線條.

Daimond dazzle is always proud of their hand made details, integrate luxury elements with modern design and build a new 21th century women personalised images that shine like a beautiful diamond.   In order to produce perfect shape, Daimond dazzle always keep up to date with extraordinary technique.


D’zzit是我裡面最喜歡的品牌, 保有著Dazzle時尚剪裁精神在加入了復古,創意元素. 就像是開起了通往奇幻旅程之門, 一路上充滿驚喜與歡樂. 代表著不受框架所束縛的女孩, 也不怕外人的眼光, 熱愛自由也喜歡冒險.

D’zzit is my favourite one among all the others. D’zzit keep the Dazzle core value but with retro and creative design. It is like a fantasy journey, with happiness and surprised on every moment. It also represents the girl who will never afraid to be themselves, love freedom and adventure.


Dazzle每個品牌獨立的設計風格也凸顯個別的品牌個性, 追求的是每個人可以很有自信的自由地表達自我風格不受限制.

Each Dazzle brand has their own design style and strong brand identity, they want people with Dazzle live without limitation, be confidence and speak for themselves.

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