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與Hyukoh學90年代穿搭 Learn how to dress 90s from Hyukoh band

最近深深的愛上了一個樂團的歌曲, 像是迷藥般的無法戒掉每天都一定要聽一遍, 就是hyukoh band, 他們是韓國的獨立樂團, 第一次知道他們是從無限挑戰這個節目上看到, 他們的歌聲讓人印象深刻, 稍微研究了一下他們的成員, 是由吳赫主唱兼隊長所領軍, 目前有發行的歌曲都是由他親自製作, 全部的團員都是1993年出生的, 所以他們才22歲. 如此年輕就有如此實力真的讓人驚豔. 團員們他們不是音樂就是藝術相關背景出身的, 對於專輯設計也別有用心. I’m so addicted with an indie band from Korea recently, couldn’t stop myself to listen to their music… Continue reading

The Vanity of Small difference – Grayson Perry

Couple days ago, I went to see Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition; this is first time I see this exhibition. When I bought the ticket, it came along with this work brochure.… Continue reading

Miles Aldridges – I only want you to love me

Last week I went to see Miles Aldridges – I only want you to love me fashion photography exhibition at Somerset house; I would say I love his work, the fantasy colour tone… Continue reading

Company Magazine Blogging forum

Okay, I have to admit I haven’t updated my blog for a while. It’s been a bit busy week, lots of changes going on. However, I’m planning to open an online designers shop… Continue reading

“Pick me up” adventure day

On Monday, I went to the pick me up graphic art festival held in Somerset House. It last from 18th to 28th of April, if I had time I definitely will get the… Continue reading

Monique Lee Millinery exhibition

Monique Lee is an experienced high fashion and street style stylist for many years, and also she is such a talent hat millinery. Her Lego 2014SS is so creative, the Lego man come… Continue reading

Pop art fashion

Pop art is an art movement from a group of artist in London in 1952, they meet regularly to discuss the mass culture’s place in fine art. I don’t know pop art was… Continue reading

Manish Arora

I can’t believe I don’t know this outstanding Indian designer – Manish Arora, he is a fashion designer based in New Delhi. He started his fashion career by launching his own label “Manish… Continue reading

Tavi Gevinson versus Iris Apfel

There is no age limit to be trendy or fashion, in this article this two person will prove this statement. Tavi Gevinson versus Iris Apfel. Tavi Gevinson, who is the youngest fashion blogger,… Continue reading

Reed + Rader exhibition in 18 Hewett street

I found this exhibition on style bubble blog: Reed + Rader “Cretaceous Returns”; fashion photography is what people do but how about fashion animate, GIF rather JPG format. It’s actually a really cool… Continue reading