I am facing a dilemma fork road at the moment, one is what I love to do and the other is reality. Sometimes is difficult to obtain everything you want, we always need to give up some part of it. And here comes the self- questioning stage, is this going to be the right path for me?

最近陷入人生的難題, 該選擇自己所喜歡做的事還是不可逃避的現實. 有時必須放棄一些事,沒有人可以完整地得到自己想要的東西. 有種進入自我疑問的階段,我的選擇會是正確的嗎?

We only live once, so I don’t want to waste any time to do something that is not my specialty; instead, I want to step by step fulfill my dream.

人生只有一次, 不想浪費時間在不想做的事情上面. 我希望能一步一步完成我的夢想.

Sorry been a bit emotional for the opening; Back to the main topic, after I read a book about mina perhonen designer – Minagawa, it inspired me a lot; like the way he set up his business, how he becomes a clothing designer.

不好意思一開頭就那麼嚴肅, 這是我最近的感想啦~!回到主題, 最近看了一本書關於設計師Mina Perhonen – Minagawa的故事. 他的創業過程以及理想讓我有所啓發. 所以我開頭才會如此感性.


Nothing to complicated, the power come from every small detail from our life, as long as we didn’t miss those opportunities; then great future is waiting for us.

總言之, 看完這本書的想法是成功在於不錯過人生每一樣微小的機會. 看似不怎樣但潛力無窮, 只要抓緊了它就是迎向光明的未來.

The reason why he turn into successful apparel designer was influence the people he met on the way; become a professional runner was once Minagawa dream, and his trainer was extremely strict that’s how he trained his mind and focus on reaching the target. Unfortunately, due to he broke his leg on a competition accidentally; so he gave up on becoming athlete. But he made up his mind whatever he is going to do next; he will never give up on that.

Minagawa成為服裝設計師的契機在於他一路上認識的人們, 他曾經想當一個專業賽跑者. 而他嚴厲的教練也不遺餘力地訓練他, 因此造就了他一定要達到目標的心智. 不過不幸的是在他有一次比賽當中骨折, 不得不放棄這條路. 所以他就此決定下一個他想要做的事情決不會放棄.

After that, he went on a travel to North Europe and took a course in bunka fashion collage; that’s the foundation of his designer career; however, his travel to Finland has a strong connection into his design. Especially the pattern design from Marimekko, his grandparents used to import their furniture. He was fascinated by the beautiful print that’s why he chooses Finland for his journey. Moreover, his brand name is originated from finnsh for “I” (mina) and “butterfly” (perhonen).

在那之後不確定自己想做什麼, 他決定先去旅行找方向. 在旅行過後, 他決定走向服裝設計這一條路並在文化服裝學院夜間部上課. 他這趟旅行對他意義重大, 之所以選芬蘭為出發點是因為他的外公外婆曾經引進Marimekko的傢俱. 他對那些大紅色不花感到非常驚艷, 才想去見見生產這個作品的國家; 他之後的作品也因為這樣有強烈的北歐風格.


From various aspects we can see how Minagawa think differently from others, he try to avoid the main stream and explore things in different angles. In addition, create designs that are never going off-season is his working philosophy. People love certain clothing design create trend, but he doesn’t want to lead by trend. In contrary, he prefers achieve a style that is going to increase his brand value in years.

他的想法也與一般設計師不同, 他的終極目標是以mina perhonen 造就一種風格而不是隨波逐流受當今『流行』所影響. 因為他認為為何出產一季設計, 上一季的價值就被貶低而要低價出售. 對他來說, 每一季的商品都是等同價值, 因為都是Mina Perhonen風格.


On early stage of his business he even worked in the fish market in morning, and worked on his design in the afternoon. Even though is seem unrelated to his work, but it’s actually a good way to shut down his mind for a while in order to come up with great ideas. And he pay attention to every little thing surround, like stone, electricity pole. In that case, he turns those images in mind into warm and cute print design.

在早期他事業剛開始時甚至去魚市場打工, 下午在進行設計. 看似跟他選擇魚市場與他的服裝設計毫無相干. 就因為這樣他才能利用在魚市場的時間放空自己, 下午才能全心投入設計裡. 之所以他可以設計出讓人感到溫暖可愛的印花,因為 在他眼裡, 很多別人不會注意的小東西像石頭的紋路,電線桿等,都可以成為他的設計的靈感.

His story gives me quite lots of things to think back, life is not easy and is the same to everyone; so how can I find the best way to implement my goal is going to be a lesson for me.

我想他的故事給我反思, 人生不簡單. 而每個人也面對不同的困境, 我必須要找出我自己的出路並且朝我的夢想前進.

Mina Perhonen 2008-2009 Autumn/Winter collection


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