Before jump into main topic I need to make a confess that I have been busy and I haven’t update my blog for ages…. ages….., I feel really guilty about it, because becomes a pro in fashion world is always my dream, but I didn’t put all my effort yet. However, I think is time to rebuilt my blog and I promise this time I will keep my blog working. Thank you for all your support.

在進入主題之前我必須承認我已許久未更新我的網站, 前陣子很忙根本沒時間好好靜下來思考寫文章,我對此感到非常愧疚畢竟我還是想成為專業的時尚部落客, 不過我還沒盡我的全力去實行他. 我想是時候開始從啟我的網站認真的寫文章, 我保證這次我不會在消失了, 謝謝各位讀者的支持~!


marimekko_15_0626 (12)

photo from here

Marimekko just opened a beautiful shop at Taichung, Taiwan; the house was paint in white,

wooden table with Marimekko tableware in the yard, everything a Marrimekko fan dream of are all visualise in one place. I always fond of their pattern, but I didn’t have their item until now, I fall in love with this pattern when I first saw it; therefore, I bought it without second thought. The name of this pattern call “Sitruunapuu”, it means “Lemon tree”. I can almost smell the summer breeze from the vivid colour.

最近Marimekko在台中開一間直營店, 外觀很夢幻漆成白色的, 前面院子草皮上的餐桌鋪上了他們的桌巾並擺上新一季的餐具, 簡直就是把夢想中的家營造出來. 一直以來我都有在關注Marimekko設計, 不過一直沒有機會買他們的商品. 這次我被這個叫“Sitruunapuu”的花色所深深吸引, 他的意思是檸檬樹. 他的配色彷彿可以讓你聞到夏日的檸檬香氣, 我當下就決定就是他了.


Marimekko found by a talented designer Armi Ratia and her husband Viljo, her design broke through ground rule at that time, injected playful and passion colour on fashion scene when Europe was recovering from second world war. When people think of Marimekko the first thing come to mind is their lovely pattern, with aesthetic design and bold colour choice.

Marimekko是由Armi Ratia和她的丈夫Viljo所成立, Armi Ratia的設計在當時跳脫原本的框架在時尚界脫穎而出, 當時歐洲處於第二次大戰後的恢復期, 他們的設計算是給予那黑暗時代一點明亮感. 講到Marimekko當然不能不提他們的布料設計, 大膽的配色及設計美感是他們最主要的特色.

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The classic pattern “Unikkon” appeared shortly after Armi Raita had announced that Marimekko would never print a floral pattern, the designer Maija Isola’s rebelled her order and design the entire collection with floral pattern, “Unikkon” is one of the design.

他們的經典花紋“Unikkon”的誕生也是一個經典, 他的出現就在Armi Raita公佈Marimekko不再出有關花朵的花紋, 不過設計師Maija Isola’s不但不聽從反而設計一整個花朵系列. 不過也因為這樣造就了Marimekko的象徵設計.


What Marimekko would like to convey through the design is about the way of living, their products range include not only clothing but also accessories and tableware, even interior design. The core identity is about living your own life rather then mimic someone else’s, be creative and unique. Live your life differently, add some fun energy toward your everyday life.

Marimekko想要從生活各個模式來改變人們的每一天, 他們的產品從服飾, 飾品以及餐具, 甚至到室內設計. 他們品牌想要傳達的是一個正面的生活概念, 活出自我而不是一味的模仿別人. 替自己生活的每一天加一點不一樣的色彩, 讓活著的每一天更加有活力.




I think I love Marimekko more after I get to know about their brand philosophy, it’s a belief that we should always bear in mind. Armi Ratia once said “One has to dream. And one must stand out from the rest.”

在我更深入了解Marimekko這個品牌, 我更愛他們了! 他們的信念讓我深深感動, Armi Ratia 曾說過 “一個人要有夢想. 就必須與眾不同.“


Today outfit

top: zara

Jeans: Zara

sandle: Titicaca

bag: Marimekko

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