Meli Melo Bag wearing Revolution – Meli Melo時尚包包背法大革命


There is another item add to my fashion wish list, a total beauty leather bag – Meli Melo, even though their handbag is essential purchase item, I personally prefer backpack with abstract colour. Time to save money for my dream bag, please let me possess this amazing bag.

Meli Melo美麗皮革包已經進入我時尚必買清單內, 他們最主要的必買款式他們雙手把的提袋, 但我是被他的色塊背包所吸引, 該是我存錢購入這完美的背包的時候, 讓我擁有它吧!



Meli Melo was found by Malissa Del Bono, as a creative director and founder of the brand; and the brand name comes from her nickname “Meli” named after by her friends and family. She grew up on the idyllic Aeolian Island of Lapari, this is where the iconic bag inspiration from. Melissa was inspired by the large traditional wicker baskets carry by local women in the villages, an idea flesh into her mind that change how women carry their bags. Therefore, the shape and the handle of the wicker basket became the classic design – Thela; Different from ordinary bag, Thela bag can be wear in five different ways. Each season, Melissa add different inspiration from travel and culture to refine the design, the outcome is always ultimately unique.

Meli Melo為Malissa Del Bono所創立, 也扮演著不可獲缺的創意總監的角色. 品牌名稱源自於她小時候家人和朋友常叫她的小名“Meli”. 小時候在義大利的利帕里島長大, 而此地是她設計最主要的包靈感來源. 當地的婦女都會提著傳統的藤編包, 而這藤編包就是經典款- Thela設計的原型, 外型與提把設計的也突破了原本背包包的方式. 與其他的包包不同, Thela有五種不同的背法. 每一季Melissa都會從旅遊中體驗的文化找尋靈感並有所突破, 所設計出來的包都是如此與眾不同且極具特色.


That’s talk about Meli Melo design more, it’s important to mention that how Malissa think outside the box and make a true revolution on bag industry. “ I do not solely focus on trends; instead I create timeless luxury totes that I would personally like to wear, and what I envisage women wanting to wear.” she said, that’s the reason why the design is distinctive from the market. On the other hand, she grew up in Italy and based in London now, she mixes her Italian flair and London style to create chic look.

值得一提的是Meli Melo的設計從根本打破大家對包包的舊有印象並從新組合在市場中別具一格. Malissa提到”我不會完全專注於現在的流行趨勢, 想反的, 我想創造的是我個人會想擁有且相信女人們會想穿戴高級托特包“. 這也是為何她的設計可以如此特別. 她在義大利長大但現在生活在倫敦, 他混合了義大利的風情與倫敦的風格為一體營造出獨特的時尚感.



Another fact makes people crazy about Meli Melo bag is their outstanding quality, by using the finest Italian craftsmanship and leathers, the purpose is to create a bag enable to use for a lifetime. Thus, to ensure the best quality, Mallissa based the manufacture factory at Italy, and she travel a lot to find new materials in order to reach the highest quality.

另外一個讓人對Meli Melo包愛不釋手的原因是它別緻的質感, 採取義大利手工製造並使用最好的皮革來製作, 目的是生產出可以讓人用一輩子的包包. 因此Mallissa為了確保每一個包包的最高品質, 她總是會到處旅遊去尋找最好的材質, 並將製造工作坊設在義大利.


This year, Meli Melo collaborated with Japanese artist and bloger – Shoko to create a quirky SS15 collection – Sleek Stegasaurus capsule. “Illustration is a way of expressing emotion and character through image. I was inspired by a vintage dinosaur toy that my daughter loved. I want to create something stylish and individual turning the ordinary and unexpected into a luxury fashion piece.

今年Meli Melo與日本的的藝術家與部落客-Shoko合作並設計一系列充滿童心的圖案. ”圖樣設計是一個從圖片中表達情緒及個性的方式. 此設計靈感來自於女兒最喜愛的復古恐龍娃娃. 我想設計的是不失時尚感且帶給大家驚喜的高級時尚款.”

As Meli Melo reach it’s 10 year anniversary, it becomes a brand people eagerly pursue and must have in their shopping list . We can see lots of famous celebrity wearing Meli Melo bag,  including fashion influencer Olivia Palermo. In order to make a break through in different season, Mallissa continue to look for inspiration which will blow your mind.


Meli Melo已進入了第十個年頭, 它已成為女人們所追求一定要擁有的品牌之一. 我們會發現有許多知名人士穿戴她的設計像是時尚名媛-Olivia Palermo. Mallissa也在不停的搜尋新的靈感, 期待在新作品中能再創經典.

Vicky Sun

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