Busan stay 釜山住宿 – 경성여관 京城旅館 Hotel Kyung-Sung

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找住宿的時候我看了很多間, 但並沒有一個看中意的.


就在booking.com和air b&b到處看看.





Trip to Busan was an unexpected journey.

There are three days moon festival vocation, thinking maybe we can go somewhere.

Open the sky scanner app and check if there is any cheap ticket.

It doesn’t matter where is the destination.

It somehow will bring us to somewhere we like.

The trip to Hokkaido this year was also pick randomly due to cheap tickets.

And I found the returned ticket to Busan is no more than 5300 NT dollars.

Its really lucky to find such a cheap tickets for peak season.

There are lots of accommodation options in Busan,

I looked up on Booking,com and also air b&b,

And I found hotel Kyung-Sungon booking.com.

The hostel logo draw my attention, 

Even there are not much photos, 

But I love the design and the style of the hostel.

I can tell they are very new, because they have no review yet.

Even though, I trust my instinct it will be great. 

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我們的搭乘紅眼班機, 整夜都沒睡一早到了釜山.

一出飛機就感受到清涼的空氣, 是個很舒適的溫度.

來得這幾天都是好天氣, 他們前幾天還在下雨.

在台灣有先買好他們的t money卡片,





We took the flight in midnight; therefore,

We barely sleep and arrived at Busan in the early morning.

I feel the breeze of cool air with comfort temperature.

We are lucky to have such an amazing father during our trip.

I bought the T-money metro card in advance while in Taiwan.

It is really convenient, I bought it from KKdays platform.

And you can pick up your card in Taoyung airport.

Because sometime you couldn’t find normal edition which is cheaper.

Normally in convenient store they sell limited edition.

So it is better to have the card ready,

And you can top up in the metro right away.

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裡面散發出一股精油的香氣. 突然覺得還好沒有選錯.

Check in之後進去房間整個驚豔,超級舒服的啦!





Hotel Kyung-Sungon  is around 10 minute walk from Seomyeon metro station.

And I could recognize the pretty logo from distance.

Push through the door I smiled lovely herbal aroma.

The floor was decorated in beautiful mosaic.

And the wall is paint in white with succulent plants hanging from the ceiling.

They let us check in early, the room is super comfort!

The room I booked come with small balcony,

I would totally recommended it.

It is great to have beers and fried chicken and relax on the chair.

I can tell they are very attentive in details.

Before going to any spots in Busan,

This amazing room made us want to just stay in the room.

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老闆會親自用手沖咖啡, 配上吐司,新鮮水果和麥片.

頂樓的view也很好, 外面有寬敞的平台可以坐在那裡放空.



老闆和老闆娘是母子兩個去經營, 能從細節看到他們的品味.






The best thing is they provide home-style breakfast,

And you can have your breakfast in beautiful roof-top dining room.

The hostel host will provide hand drip coffee,

With toast, fresh fruits and cereal.

The second morning they also provide Korean stir-fried sweet potato noddles.

I always want to taste this cuisine when I watched the Korean variety show call “Youn’s Kitchen”.

In the morning, it is really laid back to enjoy such a great atmosphere.

This hostel is manage by son and his mother,

They are really helpful and friendly to the guests.

Also they is a hostel dog – Mochi, really cute and following people everywhere.

I genuinely recommend this hostel if you happen to come to Busan.

I would totally come back to Busan because of them.


경성여관 京城旅館 HOTEL Kyung-Sung

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