6 ways to wear your ankle socks

Actually I found ankle socks is a awkward length at first,

but I totally change my view point toward the ankle socks.

They work with different style of shoes and there are so many colour or design which make you want them all.

In this article, I would like to show you how ankle socks match with your six different types of shoes.

1. Ankle socks + Boots


It’s totally winter now, this is just the day that you put on your tight and get an lace trim ankle socks come along with your favourite boots. It live up your shoes and make it looks energetic,

2. Ankle socks + Platform sandle


Create a candy look with pastel colour ankle socks, the shoe lace around the ankle make it come with colours layers. It looks like a lovely cute cake.

3. Ankle socks + Brougues


I would say brougues shoes work with any ankle socks, especially the one with pattern such as polka dot, strips or rhombus. it look less seriously then it meant to be,

4. Ankle socks + Creepers


Black and white ankle socks should definitely be with creeper, it will look cooler with the studs on the top side of the ankle socks. Punk and Attitude all the way.

5. Ankle socks + Loafters


If you are wearing loafers with socks; for my opinion, only ankle socks look nice on it. Over knee or Knee socks does’t show up the casual look when you wearing the loafers.

6. Ankle Socks + Heels


Tired of high heels keep biting your feet, why not getting a pair of ankle socks relive your pain and look stylish. Avoid complicate pattern and keep it simple.

There are still many ways that you can play with the ankle socks,

this is just few ways which I like the most.


This is the socks brand I discover, it is a Japan label.

It called Ayame. All the colour is so beautifully mix.

when you lookup their gallery,

it gives you the idea how you can match your style.

Moreover, Happysocks is a famous socks brand based in Sweden;

They have so many creative style not just ankle socks but others.

Vicky Sun

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