Ne-Net SS13 Collection

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Ne-Net SS 2013 collection was inspired by the kid story book “ Where the wild things are” in 1963 by Maurice Sendak.


The story is about a little boy dressed in a wolf custom and their neighborhood was terrified by his look. Then he was punished to stay in his room. All of sudden, his room turns into a mysterious jungle, he sail to an island and met so called “wild thing” creature. However, he get along with those creatures and hailed as the king. And the end, the little boy decide to go home, while he arrived home he discover a hot supper is waiting for him.

Just a few summaries about the story, the main concept of this collection is 1+1=3 ; the show start from the model with a black plastic skirt, it represent the recycling of all the materials and reborn a new life.


The first thing you will notice of will definitely be the colorful knitting mask with quirky style, it was an extension of imagination of “ where the wild things are” story.



It mix denim, fabric with lots of tartan pattern, and also doing different patchworks on the shirt, jumper, short, pant etc. Come along with accessories such as animal like scarf or amazing combination of their socks and shoes. How they match their socks and shoes is the best part I love about them, I had an article about ankle socks and different style of shoes. This collection will be a great add on if you are not sure how to play with it.



Wearing Ne-Net clothing, you need to be unafraid about clashing the colour and materials; try to mix things that you think it might doesn’t work on together. Those are few example from their website:


And they also do t-shirt with their cute cartoon characters, the black neko cat is their signature figure.


After I look up their website, I can say I want nearly everything from them, just love it.

Vicky Sun

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