Opening Ceremony store in Covent Garden


Just recently I found Opening Ceremony open a shop on Covent Garden King Street, two days before I finally had time to go to visit the store.


The moment when I entered the shop; I was warmly welcome by the staff, and the store is a widely open space stocking women and men label side by side. I feel so comfortable when I walking down different rails and was arrange by different brands. They stock big brand like Kenzo, Adidas Originals; but also exclusive designer labels such as Christopher Shannon, Chloe Sevigny. Needless to say their own brand- opening ceremony. Honestly, even though I couldn’t afford most of the clothings they sell there, but I feel so exciting and looking forward to find out cool stuff there. Why was that? This is the miracle of their amazing visual merchandising, the crucial reason why they succeed.

It was traced back to 2002,  two friends – Carol Lim and Humberto Leon who was the founder of Opening Ceremony.


They went for the vocation to HongKong, and this is how the ideas begins.  Leons says “ We were in Hong Kong shopping like crazy people; shopping is so fun! Why are we not this excited in New York.” In this case, they decided to quit their job and open a shop which they can transform their creative ideas into reality. Make use of the shopping space in order to share arts, fashion they like and travel experience to customers.

Until now, they had six outlets in New Yorks, Los Angeles and Tokyo; the reason they chose Covent Garden is because it is a historic and global shopping destination.


Creating an exclusive customer shopping experience has been the top thing among all the retails nowadays. However, they fully master the importance of providing an exhilarating shopping experience. That is why I am not frustrated when I don’t have money to pay for those clothes; it because it could be shopping space or showroom or even a gallery depends on your needs.  This is how they amazingly change how we perceive a shopping place look like. On the other hand, they don’t just follow the big popular brand, but also introduce emerging new designers. Moreover, Collaboration with different brands or celebrity allows them giving customer surprised.


And also they had feature country of the year and share the brands or the thing they found from that country. For example, the feature country for 2012 is Korea. There are so many things we can learn from them, I had a wonderful lesson while I researching their brand. Go and have a look their shop in person then you will know what I mean.




Vicky Sun

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