Ana Diaz Edo Tropica


I want holiday, and I really want to go somewhere with bright sun shine.

By looking at Diaz Edo Tropical collection bring me a breeze of warm air;

Ana Diaz is a fashion designer based in Brisbane,

only 25, she already establish a label under her name –  Diaz.

The inspiration of her collection was from her day to day life, collect all the puzzles from all places and put it together. Therefore, it created an outstanding design.

Her Hawaii pattern work perfectly with her colour chose, it change my opinion of my understanding of Hawaii look; because is not cheesy at all. The trip to Japan is the main inspiration of this collection. She love to integrate her own experience in to her clothing design.

“With every season I try to take a more organic approach to inspiration…the vision will come to me when it’s ready” – From broadsheet

From her Tumblr ideas board, we can clearly see where all her ideas come from. Such as using pastel colour, lots of tropical fruit and tradition hawaii women image.



Let’s take a look the collection, and do prepare for holiday







Vicky Sun

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