Victory Camel go mad on WInter Sale


It might be my last chance to shop in winter sales in UK, due to I might leave London after summer. Therefore, it gives me an excuse to shop like there is no tomorrow. There are red sign sales hung up everywhere, it makes my eyes so busy and digging out my money from my account. But actually this is such a good time to get the items you want but is too expensive by that time. Just like to share what I got so far, I hope this will be the end. Someone need to cover my eyes while I’m walking on the road, can’t help to get in the shop.

I bought a pair of Creeper in mustard green from ASOS last time, but unfortunately the size is too big for me so I need to send it back. But I’m glad I saw them again, and it is even cheaper.

1.Purple Creeper £80 — £45


I really like to shop Urban Outfitter sales, because they won’t put everything into rail. Everything is still displaying as usual, so you can spot what you want immediately.

2. Jumper £40 — £ 20

3. Skirt   £38—£15

4. Embroidery collar black dress £40—£25


Sales inTopshop on Oxford circus is such an war place, I was fully concentrate, grab everything I like and try on.


5. JW Anderson X TopShop top £40–£30

6. Floral Blouse £40– £25



I still feel pity I’m not able to join the Lazy Oaf sample sales last time, so many cheap items. At least I get something on their sales with a good price; by the way, they move to another street but still in Carnaby street.


7. Happy Cardigan £50 — £25

8. Circus Diary   £10 — £5



I am just wondering around Urban Outfitter in Liverpool street today, and accidently I saw this Vivienne Westwood Hand bag. It is totally adorable, and the price is reasonable.


9. Vivienne Westwood bowling bag £235-à £100

On the other hand, if you like benefit cosmetic; you can’t miss their sales, most of them if you purchase individually it will cost you lots of money. On sales, they always had this kind of set box. The one I choose if you bought separately, it needs more then 50 pounds, but with sales just 23.50.



10.  Benefit sugarbomb set £23.50

Vicky Sun

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