Jeremy Scott 2013 fall collection


Hi, finally I’m back from my holiday. It’s been three weeks that I haven’t update any new post.

I feel very guilty about it, so quickly check if there is anything exciting happened. There are lots of fashion week going on, New York 2013 FW just end, and London fashion week start from today. It will be an exhilarating month for fashion lover.

The first collection that I notice from New York fashion week is Jeremy Scott fall collection. Those bold colours use and peculiar pattern catch my eyeball.

This collection feature is skate puck style, puck has become a popular element in recent design, such as stud, leather or heavy boots ..etc. Puck has various diversity, and skate puck derive from hardcore fashion with comfort and practically in mind. (definition from wiki)


The show open by Cara Delevingne with Cone bra top, A shape mini skirt with drooling monster pair with a yellow creeper boot. I believe Cara Delevingne is basically everywhere now, is hard not to know her. She done lots of catwalk for all the renown brand- Burberry, Moschino, Fendi…etc. Normally I won’t really remember the model, but she has such a spiritual face and sometime with funny facial expression make people love her so much.



Jeremy Scott always has avant-garde colour combination and pattern choices- leopard, checkerboard, tarten. Knitwear and men sweater with monster face stick on it. According to, the show was style by Carlyne Carf De Dudzzle.; Scott said. “She gets me. She understands the mix of the street, the high and the low – which has always been my style, as well as hers.”







see the full collection here.

Vicky Sun

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