Pop Jewellery – Yazbukey


Yazbukey, is a famous pop jewellery brand create by Yaz in 2000 which based in Paris. The interesting fact about Yaz is she is a descendent of an Egyptian King – Mehmet Ali Pasha who gave the Concoorde Obelisk to Napoleon, so then she is actually an Ottoman princess. Since Yazbukey was launch, she continually giving us different playful, fantasy and imaginary designs. Making the Plexiglas material come alive with bright colour choice and fun image. Moreover, not only making accessories but also doing clothing and home decoration at the moment.

On the 10th anniversary, she create a selection of people brooch design, reference from all the iconic pop star such as Lady Gaga or and Michael Jackson.


Each season, there is always a imaginative character who represents the personality of the design. From her we can see how interesting is that, is like telling a person story with all her accessories design.

In the SS 2013 collection, the story background is based in California in 1960s. People from every corner gather in the motel, sharing their dream. It is like a tropical heat wave, you can’t stop them from dreaming their fantasy world. As before most of the accessories is made from her favorite material – plexiglas, but she also debut a collection of leather travel bags with badges and funky pattern scarves.







Vicky Sun

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