Mat Maitland is an English visual designer whose best known for his contemporary surrealist images. He works on numerous fields, dedicating his imagination on arts, fashion, music and illustration. Most of his inspiration references from pop culture in 80s and 90s, using brave colour choice with multi-layered composition such as animals, clouds or piano. Through his experience of working with Big Active Design, he did music campaigns for Beck, Goldfrapp, Basement Jazz, and even Michael Jackson. With his extraordinary experiences, mix and match the different possibilities which create an enchanting and distinctive image.

Imageplease magazine


From here to anywhere


Rites / Nocturne



He was appointed by Kenzo creative directors – Humberto Leon and Carol Lim to create a viral video in order to promote their 2013 resort collection. They think Mat Maitland is the best choice with his endless pop ideas transmitting to the work and have the ability to showcase Kenzo brand spirits.

In the interview, Maltland said: “ I wanted the film to be an extension of my illustrative world, to bring that to life, so the jungle itself is quite surreal and otherworldly, a kind of electric parallel universe.”


watch the video here

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