Monochrome: Mary Katrantzou Fall 2013


When it comes to digital print, Mary Katrantzou pop up from head without questioning. In recent years, advanced digital textile printing becomes a vital technology for designers create outstanding print. Digital print plus designer limitless imagination sparkle fashion industry with brilliant collection.

Mary Katrantzou FW13 collection jump out off their signature style –  colour palette; she chose black and white as the main colour. As we can see she use monochrome photograph which inspired photographer – Edward Steichens; create a glamour pattern with mysterious atmosphere of waterfall, foggy road with street light or unknown passer on the bridge. By using the simple colour, vibrant colour won’t steal all the spotlight and the shape and silhouette can shine. In this season, there are lots of folding and layer; most of it is influence by Japan Origami fold and kimono.  From the material use, Katrantzou is always pushing herself to another challenge. Embellish with metallic thread on asymmetric dress or leather embossed with print shows the sophisticate craft technique she got.

(photos from









Vicky Sun

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