Okay, I have to admit I haven’t updated my blog for a while. It’s been a bit busy week, lots of changes going on. However, I’m planning to open an online designers shop featuring some of the Asia designers, hopefully it will go well. I’ll keep you up to date of how everything going of my shopping site. Anyway, last week has been a productive week, I went to a blogging forum held by Company magazine and talk – starting out in fashion in London collage of fashion.


This is my first time to attend blogging forum, I have to say it totally worth it!! Not to mention I get a chance to meet my fashion icon – Susie Bubble (she also compliment my style, my hand even shake a little when I hand my business card over), but got a chance to see blogger – Rhiannon Ashiee plus designers website representative such as oh my love London, and agency  – handpicked Media. They give us lots of advices on how to build up the blog, how to maintain and most importantly, how to stand out from the crowd.


As we all know, social media such as facebook, twitter, flickr and instagram etc. becomes so prosperous; it is so easy to access so many information, and share our daily life or thought. Therefore, it is hard to define the meaning of fashion blogger nowadays, everyone could be a blogger but by using different platforms to communicate with your audiences. For me, the essential point of been a blogger is to be yourself; of course every now and then you might be influence by some other people, but copy doesn’t make you unique. Thus, don’t forget the main reason why you want to set up a blog, the pathway you want to go. So when they talk about unique, it gives me lots of thing to think how am I going to shape my blog and make it more interesting? Therefore, I did come up with some ideas, which you might see in my future post.

One of the blogger speaker – Rhiannon Ashiee, her blog is Fashion rocks my socks; and also she has You Tube channel taking about beauty, style and life with her boyfriend. Just saw the video she blindfolds herself and do her boyfriend makeup, the outcome make you laugh.


They are the sweetest couple I have ever seen, so cute~!!! I think I would start following their love life now, such a lovely couple.

The second event I went to is a talk held by London collage of Fashion – starting out in fashion.  It was totally free entrance, just need to sign up online. I found this event from the app called Eventbrite, is actually a website for all sorts of events. Within the talk, they discuss about the process of establishing your own label, Jan Miller, she is the business consultant of centre for fashion enterprise; it provides new comer designer a well structured programs.  And the end, they can build up their own business. The past designer include Meadham Kirchhoff, Louise Grey, Mary Katrantzou and others.

And Sally Dawson design consultant from success appointment, she talked about the key point of applying for fashion job. At the applying stage, it’s better to have your own portfolio such as website/blog; for the CV, just keep it simple. And I’m surprise both blogger forum and this event mentioned the importance of having Twitter and Linkdin, these are two things I haven’t have it at the moment. I need to work on it. When it come to interview, first impression is going to be how you dress up, follow the dresscode; understanding the company that you applying for, get prepared!!

And the end, Emma Jayne Parkes, she is the co founder of Squid London; they create an innovative umbrella, umbrella change the colour when it start to rain. At the beginning, umbrella look simple with London sky line, and when the water touch the umbrella, the colour start to change.


It’s such a great ideas, she is a fantastic example of fulfilling her ideas into successful business.

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