Every time I flip through magazine and have a few key understanding of the current trends, then put them away in the corner and never open up again.

All of sudden, I come up with an idea by doing summarize of different trends from the magazine I bought. In order to do that, I’m going to create fashion collage mood board according the trends I have discovered from the magazines. This is my first trend collage, which I try to do it interesting, there are lots of details that you can look into it.

Photo 15-08-2013 12 28 41 Photo 15-08-2013 12 28 55

In this month, the magazine I read are Vogue, ID magazine NO.326, ELLE and Company September issue, I found five key trend – Rebellion style, Mannish, Colour from life, Monochrome and Fur.

1. Rebellion style



Punk or grunge? no, this season is about punk and grunge, adding cultural elements details on garment. The essential look going to be leather biker jacket, tartan/plaid/check print plus highland style skirt decorates with metal and enamel accessories. For the make up, apart from having a black outlined smoky eyes; you can go for a bold choice, style with neon colour. On the other hand, popular dip dye hair and two tone hair look well with rebel style. The punk and grunge style of this season, is not really going to be too extreme, is about express your own rebellion characteristic from your blood and create a non effort personalized look. It remind me Mindy from Kick Ass, in Kick ass 2 she find her true self, and let her unstoppable justice and rebel spirit out from cage. However, check ELLE September issue if you need more details of how to style an individual rebel look.

2. Mannish



Personally, I really like this trend. For me, because I’m a tall girl, I don’t like to be a giant. By wearing a big coat and chunky shoes; due to the contrast feeling, it makes me look thinner. This trend is totally design for tall people, with an over sized coat or sweater and polished leather gentlemen shoes or rubber platform/ ankle boot, hand hold a large working bag as well as a smart glasses on face. It gives a whole new way for females to express themselves; vogue has a great article edit on mannish trend, worth to check it out.

3. Colour from life



colour from life 2


For the past few weeks, London had amazing hot sun with heat wave; finally everyone could wear summer clothing and head over to the park. Although weather turns a bit windy and cloudy recently, we can’t give up dress up energetically. If you find difficult to mix and match different colours, why not try and look around your surrounding, there is always a great inspiration from everyday life or subjects. And it will help you to come up with a creative look.

4. Monochrome



monochrome 2


When I browse through the magazine, most of the designer brands adverts are featuring black and white combination. Literately, it is everywhere that you can’t overlook. As we just mentioned about mannish style, I think monochrome is going to give an amazing boost on masculine look, simple and effortless; such as Stella McCartney.

5. Fur it up

fur it up

fur it up 2

Is not yet winter yet, but we can tell from the accessories that fur is going to be an important detail. Isn’t that great to have a furry scarf or handbag to cuddle with while the weather is cold. Moreover, in this season silk or lace dress go with fur is the key point, such as Louis Vuitton.

I hope you find my fashion collage helpful, is a great way to make a good use of the magazine, it not just sum up the fashion trend, but also an artwork.


2 responses to “2013 September issue magazine trend collage: Vogue, ID, ELLE and Company magazine”

  1. declanduggan Avatar

    WOW vicky I LOOOOOVE THESE! They look fab! Keep up the good work you creative wizard you!! 🙂 I Love collages too xx

    1. camel7778 Avatar

      thank you~~ Dec, it took me two days to create this but it has so much fun~!!!!

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