Mary Katranzou’s, having the title “ the queen of print”; every season she always comes up with new ideas in order to create outstanding print, she never let people down.

In September LFW, Mary Katranzou’s unveiled SS2014 collection, the inspiration of this collection comes from one of her favorite shoes – brogue. As it stated shoes is fashion’s favorite fetish, vivid brogue print on blazer, strapless pleats skirt and crop short. The print on the garment is present in detailed – shoes lace, eye lets, brogue perforation and even the pattern of the leather vein. It shows how Mary Katranzou’s dedicate herself to make sure the outcome is excellent.

After few garments with brogue print, tone start to alter. Brogue print is still there, but it becomes abstract elements; it interwoven with Chinese floral print and fill with bright colour. Suddenly, flower blossom on the ruffle skirt, with bold green, pink, purple..etc. The floral on the garment is embellishment of Swarovski crystals, is beautifully made.

Shoes is the main focus of this season, therefore, spotlight on shoes is inevitable. She make the groundbreaking change over for the brogues, instead of using leather she use canvas with hallow shape, and come along with amazing print.

Mary Katranzou’s successfully lead us to her shoes paradise and together we embrace the floral spring look.



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