Simple yet complicated delicate collection – Eve Lin SS14 簡單中的不簡單 衣服的解構主義者 Eve Lin 2014春夏新作


Just three weeks ago, I moved back to Taiwan. Things has changed since I first left Taiwan three years ago; People start to change their life style into another level, slow down everyday working pace and look for great quality moment.

從英國搬回台灣已過三個禮拜, 在這幾個禮拜的觀察中發現三年前跟我認知的台灣已有很大的不同. 大家開始懂得享受生活,在這紛擾的都市裡找尋自己的放逐地.

The point I would like to state is people are more aware of how others see them, from their dressing style, what they eat, what type of car they drive etc. Every single element shows a person taste, in order to represent individual personality they carefully evaluate what they buying or using.

我想說的是大家漸漸地對於自己的穿著,吃的東西以及開的車等等, 有種自我的挑剔感. 因為每樣東西都能成為代表自己個性的一部分, 大家開始對於這部分有所自覺而關注.

This phenomenon leads to a situation of differentiation; people gradually look for special brands. Therefore, it becomes an evitable opportunity for designer label to survive and grow.

尋求差異感是這個現象的產物, 大家開始追求品位. 因此, 這對獨立品牌是一個很大的機會不僅僅生存且可茁壯.

I’m really glad to see the emerging of new coming designers, we do have lots of talented people in Taiwan; they just need support from the audience.

很開心能看到台灣有這種轉變, 因為我相信台灣有很多實力堅強的設計師, 只需要大眾的支持.

When I was walking around in The Splendor hotel last week, I found they have plenty of independent labels; and I saw Eve Lin concept store, I knew this brand before but not until I bump into their store I can truly see the design.

最近在台中晶典裡面閑晃時發現裡面販售蠻多新興的獨立設計師品牌, 看到了Eve Lin的概念店. 之前就看過她的設計, 但還沒看過實際見過實品.



Eve Lin, she is a Taiwanese designer who graduated from Central St. Martin in 2009; she showed her first MA degree collection on the same year. Even though she got an offer to teach in London, she decided to contribute her design back in Taiwan.

Eve Lin 是個從倫敦聖馬丁學院畢業的台灣設計師, 在2009年時發表她第一個系列的作品. 即使他被邀請在倫敦作教學, 他最後還是決定把她所學的東西帶回台灣.


Unavoidably, she face lots of difficulties along the way; but fortunately she successfully presented three years collections and release her SS14 collection recently at Taipei in style exhibition.

在這過程中無可避免的會遇到許多困難, 但幸運的她已經發表了三季的設計. 今年才剛在台北魅力展發表新作SS14越界.

Her initial design inspiration came from menswear detailed, simple white shirt with unisex cutting and layers. This becomes her core idea of design – deconstruction and reconstruction.


他的設計靈感源自於男裝定製服的剪裁, 跳脫性別使用於她的女裝襯衫設計. 這也成為她的主要設計風格.

On her latest ss14 collection, it inspired from the complexity of how human being feel, the contrary between happiness and sadness.


SS14新作的設計由人為出發點, 點出人本身情緒的複雜性並且難以捉摸, 同時反映了開心與難過的對比.

From the design we can see how they transform a simple shirt to different shape, by adding layers, print, contrast colours etc.



從他的設計我們可以看出一件衣服的演變, 看似簡單的設計, 裡面卻藏著細膩的設計. 從他的層次以及剪裁得不對稱性, 定義了人的情緒的兩端.

Moreover, I really like how they quote literature sentence to reflect their collection; this one is my favorite quote – “ Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy It.” By Sai Baba.

我很喜歡他們使用名人引言來反映他的設計, 引人發想. 這句很貼切生活我蠻喜歡的, “ Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy It.” By Sai Baba.

Vicky Sun

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