Meli Melo Bag wearing Revolution – Meli Melo時尚包包背法大革命

There is another item add to my fashion wish list, a total beauty leather bag – Meli Melo, even though their handbag is essential purchase item, I personally prefer backpack with abstract colour.… Continue reading

Art inspired brand Dazzle from China 結合藝術的中國時尚品牌-DAZZLE

我好像自從設立部落格以來還未介紹過中國的品牌, 這幾天在翻閱戀物誌(little thing) 看到訪問Iekeliene Stange超模的文章, 被她裡面的穿搭所吸引. 仔細看發現是一個品牌叫d’zzit所提供的衣服. I think I haven’t really introduce any China fashion brand since I established my blog. I was attract by Iekeliene Stange outfit while I was reading… Continue reading

Marimekko Art of Print making 印花藝術之美 – Marimekko

Before jump into main topic I need to make a confess that I have been busy and I haven’t update my blog for ages…. ages….., I feel really guilty about it, because becomes… Continue reading

Artistic beauty create by Tatanaka SS14 Tatanaka充滿藝術感的2014春夏款

from FASHION 156 Before going straight to the topic, just a little update of my life.I think I can understand the message that go trying to tell me, I know it sounds superstitious; but… Continue reading

Travel with Mina Perhonen style 穿著Mina去旅行

I am facing a dilemma fork road at the moment, one is what I love to do and the other is reality. Sometimes is difficult to obtain everything you want, we always need… Continue reading

Simple yet complicated delicate collection – Eve Lin SS14 簡單中的不簡單 衣服的解構主義者 Eve Lin 2014春夏新作

Just three weeks ago, I moved back to Taiwan. Things has changed since I first left Taiwan three years ago; People start to change their life style into another level, slow down everyday… Continue reading

Brogue inspire Mary Katranzou’s SS2014 Collection

Mary Katranzou’s, having the title “ the queen of print”; every season she always comes up with new ideas in order to create outstanding print, she never let people down. In September LFW,… Continue reading

The Vanity of Small difference – Grayson Perry

Couple days ago, I went to see Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition; this is first time I see this exhibition. When I bought the ticket, it came along with this work brochure.… Continue reading

2013 September issue magazine trend collage: Vogue, ID, ELLE and Company magazine

Every time I flip through magazine and have a few key understanding of the current trends, then put them away in the corner and never open up again. All of sudden, I come up… Continue reading

Miles Aldridges – I only want you to love me

Last week I went to see Miles Aldridges – I only want you to love me fashion photography exhibition at Somerset house; I would say I love his work, the fantasy colour tone… Continue reading