There are some many excellent designers came from Central Saint Martin, Emma Cook is one of them. After she graduated from MA course she work in Donna Karan and Martine Sitbon, and established… Continue reading

Emma Mulholland: Spring Break

Australian designer Emma Mulholland, first appeared in MBFWA fashion show as part of “ The innovators”. Because of her bold colour combination and special prints, she becomes one of the must-watch new coming… Continue reading

“Pick me up” adventure day

On Monday, I went to the pick me up graphic art festival held in Somerset House. It last from 18th to 28th of April, if I had time I definitely will get the… Continue reading

Monique Lee Millinery exhibition

Monique Lee is an experienced high fashion and street style stylist for many years, and also she is such a talent hat millinery. Her Lego 2014SS is so creative, the Lego man come… Continue reading

Komono watches: Let’s get it stacking

Komono is a Belgium based brand design watches, sunglasses and apparel, the most well known is their watches. The needs on watches in fashion world, we consider them as part of accessories; therefore,… Continue reading

Pop art fashion

Pop art is an art movement from a group of artist in London in 1952, they meet regularly to discuss the mass culture’s place in fine art. I don’t know pop art was… Continue reading

Non-stop 5 panel cap

Everything start from I saw the Skulls lemon 5 panel cap on Urban Outfitter Instagram, suddenly fall in love with it. Recently, I try so hard to find a hat or cap preparing… Continue reading

A modern surrealist: Mat Maitland X Kenzo – 2013 Kenzo electric Jungle

Mat Maitland is an English visual designer whose best known for his contemporary surrealist images. He works on numerous fields, dedicating his imagination on arts, fashion, music and illustration. Most of his inspiration… Continue reading

Monochrome: Mary Katrantzou Fall 2013

When it comes to digital print, Mary Katrantzou pop up from head without questioning. In recent years, advanced digital textile printing becomes a vital technology for designers create outstanding print. Digital print plus… Continue reading

Disney inspired fashion : Gerlan Jeans SS2013 “Gerl Power”

Recent years, we can see quite a lot of fashion brands had a collaboration with Disney or the collections are inspired from Disney characters. Last year, Barney’s launch a campaign called “ The… Continue reading