One hour challenge – Top shop

One hour challenge in top shop

How to play:

1. you only got one hour time

2. use all the clothes in one brand

3. can’t exceed the maximum amount you can try on in the fitting room,

normally is six pieces.

4. create five looks with main trend

Actually is quite challenge to come up with different styles under time limit, but it is a learning process for me to sharpen my fashion insight. And pinpoint the must have items on trend.

I chose Topshop as my first place to start the game; before I decide to get any items I will walk around the whole shop and narrow down the look I want.

Following is the look I create and must have items for this season.

1. Knitted graphic Jumper


2. Dip dye 


3. Space print


4. Embellish jumper/ studded jumper


5. Pelmet skirt


And this is my five look with these five items

Image – 1 –

Image – 2 –

Image – 3 –

Image – 4 –

Image – 5 –

It is really fun and I am going to do this in different brand later on.

Vicky Sun

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