Dolce & Gabbana SS2013

It’s time for all the brand come up with 2013 SS collection; although the winter hasn’t start yet, I’m so looking forward on those spring summer outfit.

Among all of the brands,  Dolce & Gabbana totally grab my first attention.  Their 2013 SS collection was inspired by Sicily tradition where their brands originated from. It’s full of holiday atmosphere, picturing wearing one of them heading to the beach. There are four elements creating rich colourfull and enthusiastic collection:

1. Vivid print

With the Sicily street view, warriors, wheels, florals, colourful puppet print.


2. Accessories

woven coloured sandal, handcraft earring, printed bandana headscarved, stripped sunglass


3. Shape

pencil-skirted, wide cut tops


4. Stripe

colour stripe shirt and skirt


Apart from women collection, men collection runway show has an interesting point. All the models on the runway are not profession model but they are all actually come from Sicily village with different ages of people. It’s can really convey the local ambiance and it’s match wonderfully well with the clothes.


Although there are some criticize about this season, saying that they stay in their comfort zone.  For me, I think is not a bad thing to goes back to the core of the brand, it reminds people who they are what do they stand for. Before the show, Gabbana said “ we want to do it in our own way; we are not looking to be trendy.”

Vicky Sun

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