When I saw Topshop window display and their paper shopping bags, I can tell we can’t stop galaxy print taking over this winter season. Last time, when I am doing the topshop challenge, I already notice the space print going to be hot before the display comes out. But actually the trend originated from Christopher Kane’s resort 2011 collection, creating different mixture of saturation space colour; and turns them into well cut shaped skirt, dress or pants.




Milky way, star, comet…; there are everywhere. Let’s expand this unknown universe world to our everyday outfit. I think is a bit difficult to take control of galaxy print items, but once you master the point you won’t get it wrong.

When we wearing galaxy print items, in order to let galaxy to stand out and become the main topic. The top we wearing should be uni colour, it could be any colour depends on your legging; but avoid complicate pattern, because it will lose the beauty of galaxy colour. On the other hand, the best shoes to go with it will be high heel boot, especially in black, or you can get the boot with stud.



If you think you don’t want to be the same as anyone else, then you can DIY your own space world. Through google on the website, there are so many websites teaching you how to create your own galaxy print.



Black Milk clothing:




Jeffrey Campbell






Anyway, even though I already knew galaxy is an essential part in this season, but when I open my closet, there is none! Okay, I know….I am going to get one~

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