I found this exhibition on style bubble blog: Reed + Rader “Cretaceous Returns”; fashion photography is what people do but how about fashion animate, GIF rather JPG format. It’s actually a really cool idea to bring the retro gif back, it reminds me all the moving photo in Harry Potter. Reed and Rader were created by Matthew Rader and Pamela Reed, their client included lots of famous brand and publisher such as V magazine, Dazed & Confused, POP etc.

These are some of their work, the photograph presented lively and give us imagination.



This is their first solo UK exhibition show, which located in the 18 Hewett Street from 08.11.12 to 20.11.12.

 We want you to take an adventure back to dinosaur times and enter a tropical jungle filled with tall grass and foliage.


And because of the exhibition, it let me found this lovely coffee place: Protein. The owner Robert J Dunne is such a great person, he share his coffee philosophy to us and served the tasty coffee according to our taste.  



It is so true there are so many coffee places give people so many options and it confuse people, such as me because I don’t really understand coffee. However, Robert want to keep it simple, no tea no decaf coffee no hot chocolate just coffee.

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