Today, I’m going to introduce a brand from Taiwan, it called FABITORIA.  The reason it call FABITORIA is because it was found by two girls who call Fabiana and Victoria.

It ‘s such a pity that I just know this brand, but somehow I am so glad I found this brand. What a contradict feeling; anyway, that’s go back to the point. Fabiana, they offer a simple choice, skirt.  A high-waisted A shaped skirt in short and they also do long one now; however, the crucial part will be the print design. Their ideas comes from their daily life and come up with an interesting print ideas. And then they digital print the image to the skirt and keep the original feels and colours on it. Recently, we can see lots of brand doing digital print, such as Akexander McQueen, Jill Sander, Mary Katrantzou etc; you can find it in so many high end brand. The other thing I love about their skirt is they also focus on details; apart from the amazing print, you can wear the skirt in both way and create different styles. After I look up their website, I really want one of them. Which one should I choose is going to be a tough decision for me right now.

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Vicky Sun

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