This is book….no, this is clutch – Olympia le tan


I do remember last time when we went to a club and by playing a game to win little gifts. And one of my friend got a book so then he need to hold the book all the way. But funniest thing is we take turn taking photo with the book on our hand, because is such a contradiction look to hold a book in the bar.

However, Le-Tan turning those books as the coolest accessories is not strange to carry a book to attend a party or club or wedding …etc anymore.



Those books turn out to be the clutches with different cover design; every single print is limited edition. We can’t overlook the value of these books; honestly, when I saw the price of it I was a bit surprise, because if you aren’t rich enough then probably you can’t really afford it. But when I found out each of the design was limited to only 16 and the first edition was usually hand made by Le-Tan herself. It totally increases the feeling of exclusive, it allows you become the spotlight and stand out from the crowd.




The ideas come from her father old book store, she was grow up surround by antique book. That’s why the cover design could be so different and glamour, plus the embroidery technique, which create a selection of unique design.




Vicky Sun

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